ECCOFORT is specialised in the development and implementation of European cooperation projects, such as cross-border tourism brands.


In transnational cooperation, the European Cultural Route of Fortified Monuments was developed and established. Today, ECCOFORT is the headquarters of the international network for fortress tourism and marketing.


Remembrance connects

ECCOFORT is significantly involved in the development and establishment of the new German-Polish tourism brand within the framework of the Interreg VA project Sites of Remembrance Oder-Warthe.

logo Erinnerung verbindet

Traces of the Knights of St John

ECCOFORT supports the development and implementation of the new tourist route in the Oder-Warthe region on different levels.

logo Spuren der Johanniter

Baltic Fort Route

The INTERREG III B project "Baltic Culture and Tourism Route Fortresses" was a successful development project in the Baltic Sea region, which includes various practical outcomes for the protection, use and management of the fortress heritage.

Museum education

Development and implementation of museum education modules for the Seelow Heights Memorial (DE) and the Oder-Warthe Fortress Arch MRU Museum (PL).



ECCOFORT is a specialised service provider for fortified monuments. Our activities aim at strengthening the economic basis of fortified monuments by improving market presence and tourism, cooperation in networks as well as initiating community projects.

  • Fortress marketing and market implementation
  • E-Marketing Solutions, Social Network, Online Tools
  • Initiation of uses and investments in unused real estate of fortress monuments
  • Use concepts for fortress monuments and implementation
  • Revitalisation concepts
  • Development of tourism offers and tourism products in cultural and active tourism
  • Consulting in heritage conservation strategies and restoration technologies
  • Development of trans-national projects
  • Structuring and archiving information and data on fortifications

This involves the using of various European funding instruments, e.g. EU INTERREG programmes for cross-border cooperation, for cooperation between European development areas or throughout Europe. Contact us!

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