European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage - ECCOFORT e.V.

Your partner for transnational projects, tourism, marketing and communication



ECCOFORT is specialised in the development and implementation of European cooperation projects, such as cross-border tourism brands. We support our partners from the idea to the implementation of their projects and campaigns.


ECCOFORT conceives and designs a wide range of print products and online tools for the marketing of networks, tourism destinations, museums and fortresses.


ECCOFORT promotes the sustainable development of transnational networks for cultural tourism and the cultural heritage of fortified monuments in Europe, e.g. FORTE CULTURA - Network of the European Cultural Route of Fortified Monuments.


ECCOFORT conducts intensive research on the identification, localisation and typification of the cultural heritage of fortified monuments from a tourism perspective. This will create a unique map series on the inventory and structure of the European cultural heritage of fortified monuments.




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