FORTE CULTURA - Social Media Concept EN

Social Media Concept for fortified heritage 2 Imprint Publisher European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage -ECCOFORT- reg.ass. Albertinenstr. 1 13086 Berlin Germany Editing Dirk Röder, ECCOFORT reg.ass. Layout Dirk Röder, ECCOFORT reg.ass. Sascha Alter, raum-fuer-medien GmbH List of authors Diana Kroll, Online Marketing Consultant Jirko Weber, Web Developer Dirk Röder, Online Marketing Consultant Translation in English Language: Anna Pisarek Edition Version 1.0, English language, December 2014 Developed within the Central Europe funded project FORTE CULTURA®. This project is implemented by the CEN- TRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF. ©European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage -ECCOFORT- reg.ass., December 2014 Graphic Cover (tag cloud): ©Rafalolechowski,